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Looking for the Disabled Journalists Association?

If so, you’re in the right place!

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“Nothing about us, without us” has long been a call to action for impacted communities to be included in the decisions that affect them, across industry, and cause. Journalism finds no exception here as ableist and outdated coverage practices continue to harm disabled people in and out of the newsroom.

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People with disabilities account for over a quarter of the country’s population, and despite sweeping increases of disability, they still face disparate access to, livable wages and employment opportunities.

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What is the DJA?

We are a nonprofit community movement of disabled journalists that have come together to create a safe, inclusive, and accessible community for disabled journalists. Our goal? A shared and collaborative one – improving inclusion across newsrooms and disability coverage.

Our Mission? The DJA is a project possible because of our collaboration with Storyline Partners, that aims to identify the needs of disabled people working in journalism, ultimately defining and amplifying the voices of disabled journalists across the country.

The need for intentional, equitable, and diverse representation is long overdue and DJA is answering that call. The journey to an accessible world is a challenging one that we’ve just begun and are excited and honored to share with you.

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I've found the DJA, now what?

Our platform will be home to resources for disabled journalists, newsrooms and outlets covering disability, community news and events. We’re launching our platform soon, so stick around! Sign-up here for updates on the launch, survey, memberships and more!

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How do I join the DJA?

If I were you, I’d want to join the disco too and don’t worry there’s room at our table for everyone. We want to ensure that our community is accessible to everyone, and to that end we’re taking the time to make sure membership is attainable to everyone, regardless of income, professional level or disability. As soon as those paths to community are clear and equitable, we’ll roll them out!

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Welcome to the Disco! – DJA